To achieve excellence, one must have excellent tools.

When we set out to build a great live event production company, we started with great equipment.

The goal was to create a system that meets the needs and criteria of both live and recorded audio. The capabilities that follow in this article made it to our list.

  Ren Baker

The 4Cs of Sound Reinforcement

Tool List for the Well Equipped Live Event Production Technician

Tips for Writing a Proposal for
Production Services - with Example

When the Lights Come Up...

For live sound:
• Portable and easily setup by only one engineer
• Easily transported up stairs and into tight spaces
• Sound coverage for up to 2,500 guests, 180 degree horizontal by 60 degree vertical coverage, with high-quality
  front loaded cabinets
• Not more than 2-way power amplification
• All components ground-stackable
• House and foldback from the same console
• Minimum of four foldback mixes
• Minimum of two effects sends
• Capability to separate the subs sends on a per-channel basis, with either VCA groups, or appropriate channel
   configs (fader voltages)
• 32 channels of live microphones, with 24 channels reserved for recording At least 4 submixes
• All microphones to be condenser type, unless otherwise specified by artist(s)

For recorded audio:

• Tracked direct from microphone pre-amps, no inline processing
• Digital or analog input flexibility
• Hard disk recording, with commonly available hard drive types
• Easily transfer to DAW for post production
• Timecode capable for post-sync to video
• 24 track recorder, with 96kHz capabilities for high-end projects

For video:

• Minimum of two prosumer cameras
• MiniDV format preferred, with hard disk options where possible
• Complete capture deck, with auto-capture capabilities

For lighting:

We’re not squints, but we do travel with a cursory lighting system that handles 99% of what we do on a regular basis. If you want high-end professional fixed or motion lighting systems or design (ie. Theatrics), you’ll have to look somewhere else. We can and do provide some of the best lighting in the markets we serve, though. Corporate events are excellent, and we can light the principles with the correct mix to get solid white light and perfect skin tones for the cameras to see.

• 10’ deep x 20’ wide x 8’ high (or 10’ high) foot trussing system, constructed of 10” box trussing, can fully
  support lighting system, sidefills, banners, etc. It can be quick-pinned or bolted. This trussing system fits inside;
  ballrooms with ceiling heights that are 96” or more (very common).
• 16 Polished PAR56 300 watt lighting fixtures, various gels.
• Four dimmer packs, with four channels each
• DMX controller with 16 individual faders and 192 channels
• 1,500 watt fog machine

All completely packable into 1,100 cubic foot trailer, with a GVW of less than 10,000 pounds.
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