Keep in mind: Successful proposals communicate your understanding of the prospects needs and criteria and ensures your accountability and performance. Proposals either create an opportunity for your customer or solve a problem or challenge easier, faster, cheaper, etc. than the customer could do on their own.

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Tips for Writing a Proposal for
Production Services - with Example

When the Lights Come Up...

The purpose of the written proposal is to persuade the potential client to purchase the services that you deliver. All proposals offer a plan to fill a need, and your client must determine how well your proposal answers questions about what you're proposing, your plan for execution, your schedule for delivering it, and your charge to them. Be sure to clearly and effectively communicate your level of knowledge and expertise. Consider providing an executive summary written in non-technical language, or include a glossary of terms that explains any technical language included in the document.

The basic components of a proposal include the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

The Introduction: Summarizes the problem and how you plan to solve it, including the benefits the client receives from the solution and the cost to the client.

The body explains the details of the solution/job—how it will be accomplished, methods used, equipment and personnel utilized, timelines, deadlines, and detailed costs/expenses.

The conclusion highlights the value or benefits the customer receives as a result of your solution/services.

Tips for writing proposals

There are three necessary elements to any proposal
  • Cover letter: discuss the relationship and ask for the work
  • Executive Summany: A brief recap of the entire proposal that includes pricing information
  • Pricing: Detail pricing and explain what that price delivers
When writing proposals, write simply and personalize for the specific customer. No matter the result—always go back and ask why specifically you got/or didn't get the job.
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